LEGACY PAGE OF THE UEFA Women's Under 19 Championship

This championship is not only about the matches on the pitch, but also about the future of women's football. We believe that football is more than sport. It brings people together, promotes teamwork and teaches valuable life skills, such as discipline and perseverance.

We want to inspire the next generation of players to experience the joy of football and all the other benefits it offers. That is why we organize initiatives to offer young girls more opportunities. We want them to experience the thrill of scoring a goal and make sure they get satisfaction from improving their skills.

Card game “Keep youngsters involved”

In many European countries, young people stop playing sports because of a lack of motivation, problems with school, work or because of pursuing other interests. This card game starts the conversation about why young people stop and what actions can be effective to help reverse the current trend.

For the tournament we provide a limited edition with specific questions about women's football and the dropout of girls. The first year is a pilot project between the RBFA and the regional unions (ACFF/VV) supported by the Flemish government. Club coaches will also be able to participate in workshops so that they can master the method and apply it themselves in their clubs.

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Secondary school competition

The goal of this competition is to reach all grades, from kindergarten through high school. Schools will first be able to play regular 5 on 5 matches at regional level. A grand final day will then take place at the national training centre at the end of the school year.

This competition creates an accessible way for girls to experience football where fun and friends are central. It can not only ensure that fewer girls quit, but also that we can reach new girls.

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